Lynea Diaz-Hagan, writing coach and certified EFT Practitioner, brings nearly twenty years of professional and creative development experience to her work with clients. Having coached both aspiring and established writers, filmmakers, and actors, and having worked in development and production for both Broadway producers and an Oscar-winning director, she is intimately familiar with the longings and demands that come with the creative life.

Lynea developed EFT for Writers — a combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques (“EFT” or “tapping”) and reflection, visioning, and goal setting frameworks — to help her clients make faster and more targeted progress towards their goals. Lynea is a certified Clinical EFT Practitioner through EFT Universe and was mentored for certification by Dawson Church, PhD. She also holds an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film & Television, an MA in Music (Jazz Studies/Vocal Performances) from San Jose State University, and a BA in English from Yale University.

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What Others Are Saying:

“I decided to work with Lynea because I was feeling stuck in old patterns that were blocking me from becoming the person I want to be and from pursuing my dream of writing.  Through tapping with Lynea, she guided me to access childhood feelings of inadequacy that were still driving my behavior.  Lynea provided a safe, loving, open space with deep empathy, understanding, and acceptance that allowed my pain and sadness to show itself, so that I could acknowledge it, experience it, and ultimately let it go. Thanks to Lynea I began taking writing classes again two years ago and am now actively pursuing my writing.  Learning to love and approve of myself is an ongoing practice, and having Lynea’s support is invaluable.  I highly recommend Lynea to anyone interested in expanding his/her self-awareness and understanding, anyone desiring greater self-acceptance, and/or increased clarity of vision and life purpose; indeed to anyone seeking greater aliveness.” 

L.R., San Francisco, CA

“My experiences in Lynea’s sessions were extremely insightful! With her guidance, I was able to look at certain aspects of my life in a completely new way. It was eye opening, as she allowed me to look within myself to find answers and have a better understanding of who I am as an artist and designer. She is clear and concise with her methods, an absolute pleasure to work with, and I gained so much clarity as to where I wanted to go next with my career. I looked forward to the start of each of our sessions and felt energized and inspired at the end. I highly recommend her to any creative at a crossroads in their career or to anyone simply wanting to take their career to the next level!”

T.C., Los Angeles-based Fashion Designer

Lynea’s brilliant, perceptive mind and gentle articulate manner took me to new places in my brain, where I gained the insight I needed to move forward. With Lynea’s strength, love, clarity, and vision, I know I’m in powerful hands.”

Federico Hewson, Artist, Activist, Founder of The Valentine Peace Project

I decided to work with Lynea because I felt blocked by baggage that seemed to be preventing me from being open to love. No matter what I did, for years and years I felt this way: blocked. During our sessions she guided me through the tapping process, and what truly amazed me was that her questions as we explored things were always spot on; she was quickly able to get to the essence of what I was trying to articulate. After working with Lynea for 6 months, I felt a shift. It’s very cliche, but that same year I met my love, and while I’ll never know for sure that tapping with Lynea was the key to unblocking me, it certainly felt that way. I very much appreciate her spirit, wisdom, craft, and sensibilities with energy work and how she helped me make this life changing shift. If you are on the fence because you don’t know Lynea, I highly recommend taking a chance and trying her out even for a short period. One session with Lynea could change everything. I HIGHLY recommend working with her at any point in your life. 

R.B., business owner/entrepreneur, Portland, OR